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Godzilla Vs Kong: New Leaks Could Answer Many Questions

One of the biggest and highly anticipated ventures that are in the making is the Godzilla Vs Kong! This is one of the projects that fans are anxiously looking forward to and it seems like some new updates are at the forefront of the ongoing film.

Godzilla Vs Kong: New Details Are Here And Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, some new toys are in the process of making and are now all are et for release, these toys are indicating towards the fact that some characters are going to be a part of the film. These toys might have made a rather bigger revelation about some age-old titans returning.

Some New Lime Of Toys Have Made Big Revelation About Godzilla Vs Kong! Have A Look.

Amongst these returns, is Skullcrawler who might make a return in the much-awaited film. Playmate Toys is launching sole new toys in accordance with the film and these fans are going to see some familiar characters as well. Have a look at this special media post to get an idea.

It seems like in this upcoming film, all the titans are heading towards the Skull Island! Along with familiar characters like SkullCrawler, makers are all ser to introduce some new ones including Titans like Mechagodzilla and Mizuki. With Godzilla needing characters to increase his strength, expect Mothra to return when he was killed the last time we saw him.

Some Age-Old Titans Are Set To Return In Godzilla Vs Kong!

Not only Mothra but even Ghidorah can be returning after all! As we saw the last time that his severed head was very much present so it is possible that it might be brought to life. Also, expect Methuselah also makes his return as well. It sure going to get even more interesting with all these returns on screen. It is going to be an epic battle of the Titans this time with all the old and new forces joining hands!

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