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Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Has The Wait For The Next Season Over? Find About Its Release Or Cancellation!

One of the popular tween drama televisions series, Greenhouse Academy, is a creation of Giora Chamizer. The storyline of this drama genre show is based on another similar Israeli television show, Ha-Hamama which is also created by Giora Chamizer.

The series made its debut on September 8, 2017, with the release of its first season, the first episode, ‘Pilot’ on it’s an original network, Netflix. The show being a Netflix original has gained huge fame and appreciation which encouraged it to be presented for the international audience as well by, Chamizer and Paula Yoo.

Greenhouse Academy is produced by Noam Arazi, along with the executive’s producers of the show, Orly Atlas Katz, Osnat Saraga, Udi Miron, Dominique Bazay, and Tamara Rothenberg.

The production company involved in the making of this series is Nutz Production, together with, Tal Yardeni as the composer of this mind-blowing drama show. The country origin of this series is United stated and the show is originally developed in the English Language. The show is adapted by an Israeli series involves the depiction of scenes shot in Israel only, making the production location of the series Israel.

This fascinating series consists of 4 seasons till now, which in total have 40 episodes with a running time of 21-28 minutes. The first season of the show aired in 2017 and the second part on February 4, 2018, several months after the completion of the first season.

Both the seasons had 12 episodes each, all being equally successful. Sometime later the release of the second season, the third season was under development which aired on October 25, 2019, comprising of 8 episodes. All three seasons are loved by the fans and made a commendable success.

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So, given the positive response received by the crew of the show for their work in the first three seasons, they were encouraged to produce another season which is the fourth and latest one. The latest season of Greenhouse Academy broadcasted on the original network of the show, Netflix on March 20, 2020.

The fourth part consisted of a total of 8 episodes, with an approximate 25 minutes running time. The series received huge fame and appreciation from its admirers because of the amazing plot of hits the latest season. So, after the release and hit of the fourth season, the only popular question from the fans’ end is, Will there be a fifth season of Greenhouse Academy?

Well, the answer which the fans received from the crew’s end regarding this, was not in their best interest. A few months after the release of the latest season of this show, it was officially announced that the show has been canceled on Netflix after four amazing seasons.

The reason behind this decision has not been mentioned directly, as recalling how the show is based on another plot, there was still a lot to be covered through more seasons and episodes. However, the cancellation of the fifth season has surely saddened the admirers of the show. It is also not clear whether the series will change its original network for the fifth season and continue the production, but keeping high hopes and expecting the best is suggested for the fans.

Greenhouse Academy: Plot Of The Show

Being a drama genre, this tween television series revolves around a family-based interesting plot. The storyline of the show mainly revolves around two siblings, a brother, and a sister. The story starts with the Pilot episode showing Alex and Hayley, who have recently lost their mother, an astronaut by profession. Losing their mother to a rocket explosion, Alex and Hayley try to continue with a normal life and simultaneously try their best to go through the tragic loss they have experienced.

Further in the show, we see, both the siblings enrolling for an admission in a private boarding school, which is their first step towards a better and normal future. When both of them get admitted to the same college, more drama follows in the story as the two siblings become members of different societies in the college and become each other’s rivals. The plot takes a twist when an investigation is supposed to happen in the school to find out about using earthquakes for monetary gains. In order to make this mysterious undercover investigation, a success Alex and Hayley are required to work together which leads to more tween drama in the show.

Cast and Characters

The series is a tween drama that has a very interesting group of cast members, which mostly consists of young actors suitable for their respective roles. The plot of the show mainly revolves around Ariel Mortman playing the role of Hayley Woods (sister) and
Finn Roberts as Alex Woods (brother), the two siblings who are frequently spotted in the show. The series also involves other characters who are very often depicted in the show, like Chris O’Neal, Grace Van Dien, Benjamin Papac, Danika Yarosh, Jessica Amlee, Dallas Hart, Cinthya Carmona, Parker Stevenson, Dana Melanie, and BJ Mitchell.

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