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Joker 2: Is There Any Hints From Joaquin Phoenix About The Possibility Of The Movie

DC movie Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix was one of the biggest hits that year and grossed a whopping amount at the box office. Apart from being a commercial hit, it bagged the prestigious Academy Award as well.

Is Leading Star Joaquin Phoenix Going To Star in Joker2? Here’s What We Know.

Considering the overwhelming response that the first film received, it won’t be a surprise if the studio develops another sequel movie continuing the story of the clown prince of Gotham. However, we don’t have any such confirmation from Warner Bros. yet. While the studio is working on some big projects ahead including Batman, a sequel Joker movie is not coming anytime sooner.

Joaquin Phoenix Teased The Possibility Of Joker 2 Happening!

However, the leading star Joaquin Phoenix who bagged the Oscar for the film has teased the possibility of a sequel. He revealed in an exclusive interview that he discussed potential sequels with director Todd Phillips even before the first movie had even hit the big screens.

According to the actor, the idea of a sequel was discussed when they had no idea that the film would go on to be such a success. Phoenix told Todd Phillips that there’s still no much to explore and he thought his character can be set in any movie plot.

Joaquin Phoenix Discussed The Idea Of A Sequel With Director Todd Philips.

The actor, however, did not make any promises any further and said that they just had a vague discussion and has not really thought if acting upon it. They are not planning to do it but the idea of the Clown Prince continuing his story as the ruler of the city of Gotham. While the director has denied such rumors of a sequel movie, a sequel mini might happen in the near future. That’s is something we need to keep an eye on. However, we would love to see Phoenix continuing his role as Arthur aka Joker.

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