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Rocksteady Just Shared Details About A New Suicide Squad Game Arriving Soon For The Fans

It has been five years that the Rocksteady studio gets a gift and blessed with various games of batman and they leave the fans in thinking and in wondering that when will the next title of DC comics based get to see. On Friday, we get the news that the game studio is working on the game and how to make the game during the absence of the game. Friday means 7th August.

About The New Game

The studio makes an announcement that the next game that is suicide game is in working stage and it will focus on the disclosing the poster. The poster features the superman and the hair of superman is a crosshair. It has been speculated long back ago that the next game of Rocksteady star is the man of steel star or it may have other Batman game. Well, it will look like the rumours are true about the superman. This rumour is very much true and the superman will be featuring in the next game. But what if this game has a team of villains and the main hero of the game is the primary target of the villain target.

Rocksteady Confirms Suicide Squad Game In Development! Tap To Find ...
Source: Gizmo Posts.com

The announcement made by Rocksteady follows the strategy of Eurogamer report of all kinds of the domain and various popping up is also there in the game like    “SuicideSquadKillTheJusticeLeague.com,”. This website is registered with the name of the studio that is in collaboration with Warner Brothers. There is another specific domain, like “gothamknightsgame.com,” is assumed that this is a separate game is also developed by these brothers.

The release date of the game:

Once another domain is, “KillTheJusticeLeague,” but there is likely confirm that we will be getting a DC-based character game if we check from Villain’s perspective and the poster of the movie also revealed that also shows hammers from the point. There is no details present till date and it is much safe that we get to know all about the game..

The release date of the game is August 22. The creators of the game hint this date. So stay connected and get all the updates. It is the sequel of the 2016 Suicide film.

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