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Spider-Man 3: Here’s Possible Premiere Date For Tom Holland’s Upcoming Flick

If we are talking about Marvel Cinematic Universe then likes Spider-Man, Doctor Strange is the only contenders who could develop a hype. These two characters on the radar of Marvel as they both have their proper storylines to go further. However, the fourth installment of Thor is also in the development, but still, that is not gonna be so influential.

But currently, we are focusing on Tom Holland and his iconic character Spider-Man and the youngest one to clinch a superhero title. The third installment is in many speculations after the strings of delays faced by flick.


As we mentioned that there were strings of delays and the production manager can’t decide on a proper release date. The COVID-19 pandemic struck hard and almost destroying every other industry. Film Industries got mostly affected by the current scenarios of the outbreak, as social distancing is a must for survival and to restrain the impact of the virus. Recently, Marvel decided to push Spider-Man 3 release date further, and fans are not happy about it.

Source: Digital Spy

Release Date

So Spider-Man 3 is getting a history of modifications of release date, and it got shifted to November 5, 2021. The flick was initially planned to release on July,16,2021, but due to recent turn of events, that won’t be possible. However, even the title of the flick is not confirmed yet, and the release date is getting pushed further and further.

Not just Spider-Man, many Marvel projects are currently on hold, and some completed projects keep on delaying.

Expected Plot

It is evident that Quentin Beck/Mysterio revealed the true identity of Spider-Man and framed him for his murder. So now Spider-Man is none less than a most wanted criminal and now authorities will tend to hunt to him down. If we talking about the antagonist, then there will be a huge lineup that could perfectly fill the empty void left by Mysterio.

Some reports suggesting that Sinister Six will be on board, and there will be more trouble for young Peter. However, it’s too early for Sinister Six to crashing the scene, but Marvel is planning something bigger.

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