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Breaking Bad: 5 Life Changing Lessons From The Show

Breaking Bad was a show that perfectly nailed showing how a mid-life crisis can take over someone’s life. It took us into the life of a high school professor who was satisfied with his life teaching students and living a happy life with his family. However, when his life took a tragic turn after getting informed of being diagnosed with stage three cancer. Of course, anybody’s life would come to a standstill and what is the first thing that comes in our mind?

Yes, absolutely right! What is going to happen to my family after this? And the same goes for the case here. However, we have seen numerous cases wherein the patients develop a positive outlook about the same but there happen to be some people as well whose intentions are good but they end up doing the wrong things.

Well, in the black crime dramedy show, the professor reunited with his former student and enters into the world of crime to earn enough which could secure his family’s future. So we are sure that most of you might have watched it just like another web show but many of us would have taken with them the various hidden messages which the show tried to give us.

So if not, we are here to tell you five of those life lessons that the cast tried to give us and make our lives less complicated to live. Let’s get started.

1. Do not make the same mistake two times-

This is a lesson or we could say a fact which almost each one of us knows but still was not able to follow. There happen many times, where we intentionally or unintentionally have committed a mistake and end up doing it again. It is human nature but that is what Breaking Bad taught us that as humans only the same mistake should not be made twice.

Breaking Bad
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2. Be prepared, ALWAYS-

This is something which still many of us have not achieved. And in today’s times, this lesson just falls so perfectly that anything could happen and we need to make ourselves prepared for each and every second of our lives be it emotionally, physically, or mentally.

3. Never trust on looks-

Huh! Well, we say that do not fall for looks because they can be deceiving. But honestly, how many times do we really have followed this lesson? Maybe not a single time. And in Breaking Bad the professor was the perfect example of the same. A normal chemistry teacher leading a simple life just all of a sudden turned himself into a criminal.

4. Hard Work equals Success-

There is no other mantra to achieve success in whatever you do other than all the hard work you can pour to achieve it. The professor along with his student knew this fact, and they made their narcotics business success and were enjoying all the money and fancies. So work hard as only it is going to pay you off.

5. Actions have reactions-

So the last lesson that we were able to make out is that with every action there is a reaction. A very well known phrase, indeed! And those actions come with their consequences. In the show, we knew that professors’ intentions were good, but his actions to meet them were bad, and hence negative consequences paved their way. Just remember just like thinking good, the implementation should be good too otherwise get ready to face the negatives people.

So just do your karma in good faith by infusing good deeds and let things flow by itself.

I am Piyush from the nation's capital, Delhi. Since my childhood, I developed an interest in music and composing songs which in return became my passion for writing content and stories. I am also a huge geek of Political Affairs and Business world and I like to write about them in brief descriptions here at The Digital Wise as an Editor and Author.

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