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Is The AMC Theatres Increasing The Prices Of Tickets To Cover Their Loss And Expense?

Covid-19 Pandemic, the worst phase ever faced by mankind. Several diseases broke the world so far but Coronavirus provides such lethal damage to the earth as its difficult to come out of it.

Several industries shutting down, small business doesn’t have their existence after the outbreak. However, the Television and Film industry widely affected by the disease. There are restrictions to restrain the spread of the virus, and social distancing should be strictly practiced.

Many projects are currently on hold, and others are getting delaying and delaying which causes stress among audience and filmmakers. However, delaying movies for profits is justified, but theaters are getting ghost day by day.

AMC Theatres

Recently AMC theaters calculated a record loss in their earnings as the theater chain shut down after such impact of Coronavirus. It is apparent that these places totally depends upon the mass number of gathering, tickets sales, food, and beverages. However, for the collector’s item, staff who were working under such organizations facing so many difficulties as they have to accept the pay cut and demands are constant.

Source: Clarus Commerce

Price Hike

Now AMC Theater’s CEO Adam Aron asserted some facts that there would be a price hike in the tickets when the chain reopened their centers for business. They are reconstructing their business model to cover the losses of the company. The Price hike tends to implement various adjustments in the cinema halls as sanitization will be their utmost priority after the end of every show. So it’s clear that ultimately the audience has to bear such expenses for the sake of a safe environment, and this could be a better approach made by the AMC officials.

When The Theaters Likely To Open?

This could be debatable as the restrictions are put to ease as conditions are getting better. But still, there is no official confirmation of reopening public places where the gathering is a must, and social distancing can’t be practiced. In cinema halls, one cannot allow to sit on adjacent seats and dropping their value figures. So it’s not safe yet to open the theatres, and we will get the confirmation soon.

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