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Jennifer Garner Spotted With Bradley Cooper!

A new couple in the town, ahhan! And it seems that the two of them are moving ahead, to begin with, their love affair as it seems to all their fans. Not keeping the suspense much, let’s unfold the rumored couple now. We are talking about Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper who were also seen together in Alias.

The Couple Was Seen Spending Some Private Time Together

The two former co-stars were seen together enjoying a beach walk during the lockdown period. It was reported that the two of them were in a really happy and good mood enjoying the walk.

Cooper’s Daughter Was The Person of the Moment

But they were not alone as they were accompanied by Cooper’s lovely daughter and having a gala day on the beach. The little girl was all busy and enjoying her sandcastle building. While both the actors were just laying on the sand and taking a sunbath. They knew that the paparazzi were clicking their pictures but they were all busy making the most of their day.

Jennifer Garner Spotted With Bradley Cooper
Source: The Blast

Both Cooper And Irina Broke-Up With Their Partners Recently

We must tell you that Cooper has split up from her ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk and the same is the case with Garner who has split up with ex-boyfriend John Miller. However, the two have earlier stated that they are not ready to either get committed or bring love back into their lives.

Also, Garner has told that they both are just friend which we do not see after seeing their beach pictures together. It seems that the three are trying to groom in together before going any further about their relationship. Both the actors’ fans would have gone all crazy and happy as well after hearing the news and those who are following the two must be confident enough about their tuning with each other.

They must be hoping that this new relationship the two are into or will be into would last forever and it will be a happily ever after in their second innings together.

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