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Life On Mars Season 3: Will It Be The Final Run? Get Every Details And Facts About Its Arrival

Renewals are smooth or hard process and it totally depends upon the show’s status among the charts. Some shows getting renewal within the weeks of their release and some of them could wait for the eternity and even got canceled sometimes.

Life on Mars has a different story and its quite absurd as the show is returning for its third and final season. But you are wondering why it could be senseless as the show got its third season after 13 years. Yes, you saw it right, the show is in the final run after 13 years and its quite a surprise for those who were waiting desperately for the show.


Social media is quite a news source nowadays as the announcements made public on twitter, especially.

The strings of Writer Matthew Graham’s tweets confirmed the fact that season 3 is officially considered for production phases. He also concludes some facts about the episodes of the show, which counts up to 4 or 5.

Expected Release Date

However, the project is just considered and even scripting is in progress. It’s too early to say anything about the release date of the third season of Life on Mars. But still, we know that fans are counting on a possible release for the third season. In fact, the current scenarios won’t let the production process a smooth one, and the Covid-19 pandemic is a huge barrier in the way of safe conduct of filming.

But still, we have tor run assumptions and conclude a suitable release date for the fans. Considering all the aspects of delays within the production phases, this fall release won’t be possible at all and we could expect the show to arrive next fall. So the expected release could me Mid-2021.


  • John Simm  as Sam Tyler  

  • Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt 

  • Liz White as Annie Cartwright  

  • Dean Andrews as  Ray Carling 

  • Marshall Lancaster as  Chris Skelton 

  • Noreen Kershaw as Phyllis Dobbs 

  • Tony Marshall as Nelson


Unfortunately, only announcements were made, and there is no official trailer available for the upcoming season.

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