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Lucifer Season 6: Future Possibilities And Facts For Our Favorite Fantasy Thriller Series

It is finally time to rejoice as the prince of Hell is coming back on the streaming service, Netflix this August! After much speculation that is going around, fans are worried about the one big question whether this is going to be the last season or not!

Is Lucifer Season 6 Happening Afterall Or Not! Here’s What We Know.

Recently, there were reports that Netflix is trying to develop a sixth season as well which made fans really very happy! Another season means that the fifth season is not going to be the farewell season for Lucifer. While the sixth season is not a sure thing yet, here’s a sneak peek into the later season official trailer of lucifer.

Netflix Series, Lucifer Season 6 Is Officially Happening!

Apparently, according to media sources, there have been some negotiations going on with the cast member regarding another season. However, the negotiations are facing some issues with regard to leading star Tom Ellis. Well, we have big news as season 6 is officially happening as confirmed by the makers themselves.  Have a look at this big announcement on Instagram!

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich were asked about a possible season 6, and while at first, it was a clear no, it seems like there is definitely hope for Lucifer fanatics. However, not that season 6 is happening with an official announcement, we are so very excited to see what’s next! Moreover, cast member Aimee Garcia has also hinted towards a bittersweet season five finale!

Fans Are Assuming That Lucifer Season 6 Might Not Be Happening Afterall.

It seems like the title was A chance at a happy ending! Season 6 now being the finale season, it will finally draw the curtain. These questions will be answered once the much-awaited sixth season airs on Netflix itself. Is Lucifer and Chloe’s love story going to find their happy ending in season 5 itself or is it going to be in season6? We need to keep an eye on this unfinished love story.

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