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Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Season 2: Will It Arrive? In 2020 Or The Next Year?

An Apple Tv+ original series, Mythic Quest, Raven’s Banquet, is an American comedy web series of the comedy sitcom genre. The series creation of Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney and has Mike Berlucchi as its cinematographer. Mythic Quest made its debut on February 7, 2020, and its country origin is The United States.

This mind-blowing comedy sitcom is composed by Takeshi Furukawa and gained huge fame for its an amazing script. Edited by Trevor Penna, Josh Drisko, and Steve Welch, the film was originally developed in the English language and made commendable success in just a few months since its release.

With the United States as the country origin of this comedy show, the show is filmed in the corners of New York, America. The series is produced by Chris Smirnoff and Jeff Luini, together with Apple Inc. as its distributor. The production companies involved in this series are RCG Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, Ubisoft Film & Television, and Lionsgate Television.

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet Already Renewed For Season 2
Source: IGN India.com

Major Updates To Know

The executive producers of this comedy show are Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, David Gordon Green, Jason Altman, David Hornsby, Rob McElhenney, Danielle Kreinik, Nicholas Frenkel, Michael Rotenberg, and Gérard Guillemot together with, Apple TV+ as the original network of the series where the show releases all its episodes.

With the broadcast of the first season of this show in February 2020, the series has become very popular. The first season consists of 9 episodes, with the first episode named ‘pilot.’ The running time of the episodes is 24-35 minutes; each and all parts are equally successful. After completing the first season of this sitcom series in February only, the show released a special episode on May 22, 2020.

The special episode was launched with the title ‘Mythic Quest: Quarantine’ and was under the direction of Rob McElhenney. The special episode came intending to entertain the people quarantined in their homes due to the ongoing pandemic situation and also, to keep up the interest of the fans towards the show.

After the release of the first season of this show and its success, the only popular doubt from the fans’ end was, Is there going to be a second season of ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet?’ And ‘When should we expect a second season for this show?’.

So, to bring clarity on this, it was announced by the original network and crew of the show that the second season of this comedy sitcom Apple TV+ series is confirmed, and more updates on this matter should be expected soon. Well, given how just 9 episodes of this show have made such commendable success, it was never a doubt that the coming of a second season will happen sometime soon.

The announcement on the coming of another season of this comedy show was surely a matter of great excitement for the admirers of the show. After the announcement on the coming of a second season, it was also mentioned that the shooting of it has started.

With the filming under development, the second season was expected to be launched in the last months of 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic situation of COVID-19, there was an unfortunate delay in the shooting and production of the second season. So, the new expected release date of the upcoming season is sometime in 2021 as the shooting and editing completing in 2020 is still doubtful.

Season 2: Anticipated Cast Members

With the plot of the show centering around genres of comedy and sitcom, the cast is also chosen to be a very interesting one. Starring Jessie Ennis playing the role of Jo, Ashly Burch portraying Rachel, Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi, Imani Hakim playing Dana, F. Murray Abraham portraying the role of C.W. Longbottom.

David Hornsby, as David Brittlesbee and Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Li, the show mainly revolves around these characters. Together with other cast members who are frequently spotted in the show, namely Elisha Henig as Pootie Shoe, Caitlin McGee as Sue Gorgon, Naomi Ekperigin as Carol, Craig Mazin as Lou, Aparna Nancherla as Michelle and John DiMaggio as Dan Williams, who are all expected to be seen in the upcoming part of the show as well.

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