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Netflix Splinter Cell Series: What Is Known So Far About The Upcoming Adaptation

Splinter cell is an underdevelopment anime series inspired by a video game with the same name. The series is under the partnership of Netflix and Ubisoft and is expected to be very amazing. The history behind this series is its inspiration, which is a video game popular with the name Splinter Cell.

The Splinter Cell game was first released sometime in 2002 and made massive success in just a few months. This game series does not only have a video game based on the same story but also a novel, and both of them involve around six parts. A movie based on the same plot was also in production; however, due to various factors, it hasn’t come out yet.

After the release of the video game in 2002, the crew was inspired to make an anime series based on the same content. So, sometime after 2015, it was announced that an anime series named Splinter Cell is making. The news was surely a matter of excitement for the fans of anime, worldwide.

Netflix is reportedly working on an animated Splinter Cell series ...
Source: Engadget.com

This series’ original network is Netflix, and the show is expected to make its first appearance there only. The anime series is writing by Derek Kolstad, who is popular for his work in films like John Wick. It was also mentioned that the writer, Derek Kolstad will be serving as the executive producer, too, for this show.

So far, it is mentioned that the crew has taken a two seasons plan for this series. So, it is expected that, after the debut of the show with its first season, a second season will be in development and air sometime after that.

The planned seasons of Splinter Cell anime series are expected to have 16 episodes, each with a running time of approximately 30 minutes. Starring Sam Fisher, this upcoming action-adventure anime series on Netflix is much awaited by the public, as it is expected to be one of the greatest game-based anime shows.

Splinter Cell: Anticipated Plot of The Show

Being a game inspiration and action genre the series will revolve around an adventurous and interesting plot that involved a lot of action scenes. The main character of the series is Sam Fisher, who is depicted to be a member of a top-secret organization. The organization for which Sam works aims at taking down terrorists and make the world a better place.

Sam being a secret agent, is depicted in a lot of action scenarios, one of the great things about this show. In the series, we see a lot of gadgets and tactics used by Sam to make his goal a success, more drama and action in the story follows, when Sam is put in Splinter Cell Conviction when he understands the politics rooted deep in the government body. With such an inspiring and interesting plot, this approaching anime series of Netflix is expected to be a great one.

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