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The Third Day: Official Trailer Is Out On HBO!

The Third Day is a mystery drama which is an HBO show. It is soon to hit our small screens on September 14, 2020, and a new entrant into the mini-series category. The show is a three-part series but will be interconnected to each other.

Plot Of The Third Day

It is not a horror show but is spooky in its own sense which is set up on a remote island with just a bunch of islanders on it. The story mainly focusses on two individuals whom we will be witnessing in separate time periods and in different parts. The story initially will begin with a man who enters on an island that is off the British coast.

It is not any normal island wherein a group of islanders is trying to keep their traditions, their history a forever thing. And not only this, we are going to witness a lot of bad things happening there.

Trailer Of The Third Day

So get yourselves ready for some real thriller mystery drama that we all have been waiting for to make us left all hooked onto our screens. With not many days from the launch of the show, HBO has finally dropped down the trailer which gives us a glimpse of the island and the man and the woman.

You will find how spooky it all is with after the entry of the man in the first place would not be a good decision that he would ever consider. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, it is now available and is a must-watch.

Star Cast In The Third Day

The show stars;

  • Jude Law as Sam,
  • Katherine Waterston as Jess,
  • Paddy Considine as Mr. Martin,
  • Emily Watson as Mrs. Martin,
  • Naomie Harris as Helen,
  • Nico Parker as Ellie and other artists as well.

So brace yourselves as HBO is gearing up for some really amazing content for its dear viewers and we have to sincerely admit that it is going for a long successful journey ahead. There are many more movies and TV shows that are very much on the list.

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