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Working Moms Season 5: Possibilities And Much More

The popular comedy series Working Moms was an instant hit right from the release of the first season itself, now after we all laughed with the antics of these mothers for four seasons, is there going to be season 5?

Is Comedy Series Working Moms Season 5 happening Anytime Soon?

Well, we have some great news for fans as the writers have assured that season5 is officially happening. Not only that but they have already been working on the season 5 script well! So, rest assured the familiar cast members including Philip Sternberg, Ryan Belleville, Sarah McVie, Sadie Munroe is returning. The big comedy-drama will unleash further with the mothers returning with their antics.

Working Moms Season 5 Is Officially Happening! Have A Look.

After the fourth season aired in Netflix in May, series creator and star Catherine Reitman have assured fans that the not so normal moms are going to return for a fifths season as well. She has further revealed that they all have been assembling via zoom calls and exchanging plans and ideas for season 5. Take a look at this social media post further confirming the news of season 5 happening!

However, what can be a concern for fans is that the fourth season was cut short to just 8 episodes, so we are wondering whether it will be the same with the upcoming fifth season as well. This might have something to do with h ongoing partnership of Netflix with CBC. That is something that has not been confirmed by the makers yet.

How Many Episodes Will Season 5 Have? Here’s What We Know.

However, even the show creator is a bit worried about how the ongoing pandemic night affects the production schedule of the fifth season. It might get delayed for a bit and the fifth season may land sometimes round the next year. So, while the fifth season is arriving on the streaming giant we can still binge-watch the newly released the fourth season. It sure is loads of fun.

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