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FIFA 21: Why VAR Could Be Wasteful In This Year’s Edition?

This year’s EA Sports FIFA could be really special for some fans, but we still rule it out as a modified version of the previous year edition. Many fans expressed their feelings about the major changes that EA should implement in their edition. But EA sticks to doing what are they doing best.

VAR ( Video Assistant Referee) already introduced in the FIFA world cup 2018, and since there is no sign of the feature in the FIFA sports simulation franchise.

But we have various valid facts that prove the non-existence of the VAR system in FIFA games.

EA Artificial Intelligence

If we are talking about the referee decisions in FIFA games, then EA assured that there would be no scope of mistakes. But increasing bugs could be a huge barrier in the safe conduct of gameplay and could ruin one’s experience. EA promised to deliver the safe environment of gameplay as cheating and malpractice over online gaming is pretty tough and happens sometimes.

But within the referee decisions, EA claimed that there is no need to review the decisions as offside calls are already eagle-eyed, and fouls are rewarded on point. They assured that there is no scope of mistakes in controversial decisions, and only bugs could harm the safe conduct of gameplay.

Source: Football Technology-FIFA

Why VAR Won’t Be Useful in FIFA

In real football, we see many decisions got reverted and changed the course of the game, but in the case of FIFA, we haven’t seen much despite bugs issues. We can agree with the fact that every referee’s decision is up to the mark and there is no need for the review.

The gameplay is not well connected with the original period, and users prefer not to play more than 10 minutes half. They opt for 8 minutes and online have a fixed period throughout gameplay. So VAR will minimize the period, and it could be lethal for gamers all around the world.

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