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Ratched Season 1: Here Are All The Recent Updates Related To The show

So guys get ready to witness a brand new psychological thriller drama which is soon to hit on the leading online streaming giant Netflix. It is expected that they should be a success and would be able to garner applause from the viewer from all over the world.

The show is titled Ratched and will revolve around a nurse in a mental hospital who turns into a monster and wreaks havoc on the patients there. It is going to be a lot scarier and dark that we didn’t expect.

Do We Have A Release Date For Ratched Season 1?

The show is all set to get a launch on September 18, 2020, on Netflix. Only a month is left in the release of this fantastic show, so start preparing to witness another tremendous show.

Trailer Of Ratched Season 1

Here’s the trailer for the brand new series Ratched, have a look at it:

Plot Of Ratched Season 1

The show is said to be spooky, and we are going to witness a hazardous monster in the form of a nurse. The character has been adapted from a novel titled One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, written by Ken Kesey and has been converted into several films and web shows with their plotlines.

Cast In Ratched Season 1

The show stars Sarah Paulson in the titular character followed by;

  • Sharon Stone,
  • Cynthia Nixon,
  • Judy Davis,
  • Finn Wittrock, and other artists as well.

Fans even started demanding a second season even before the first one hasn’t dropped yet. So it would ve very early to predict anything about the same. For this, we need to watch the first season and then decide. So guys, get your countdown started.

It is one of the most speculated and awaited web series on Netflix, and hopefully, it marks our expectations and we do not get disappointed. The show is another entrant to the miniseries trend consisting of just eight episodes to binge-watch.

Meanwhile, you can watch other Netflix’s amazing TV shows and movies. The streaming giant has many titles in the upcoming list of movies and TV shows.

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