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Avenue 5 Season 2: Arriving Next Year, What Is The New Presumable Release Date! Information On Its Exciting Storyline

Avenue 5, a popular American television series is a science fiction and comedy genre. The first announcement about this show was done in September 2017, where it was mentioned that HBO has partnered with a creator to produce a new comedy show. After that, in April 2019, the release date of this show was announced and this creation of Armando Iannucci, made its debut on January 19, 2020, on its original network, HBO.

The production company involved in the making of this series is Dundee Productions, along with Gary Dollner as the editor of the show. Whereas, the distributors of the show are Sky satellite television, Neon streaming service, and SOHO2 channel. The executive producers of the series are Kevin Loader, Tony Roche, Will Smith, Armando Iannucci, and Simon Blackwell, whereas the producer of this show is Steve Clark-Hall.

The country origin of Avenue 5 is The United States and the series is originally developed in the English language. The show is also popularly known for the depiction of several places in the episodes, which is due to the involvement of several shooting locations in the making of this series.

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The first episode of this show “I was flying” is shot in London, England, whereas the shooting of the rest of the seasons of this series is done at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden. The show is one of the famed American series worldwide, mainly because of its combination of science fiction and comedy genres in the script and has made commendable success in just 7 months of its release.

The series, Avenue 5 consists of 1 season till now which comprises 9 episodes. This debut season of the series has given great episodes, all being equally successful, with a running time of 29 minutes. After the broadcast of the latest season of Avenue 5, in January 2020 on its original network, HBO, the show is currently working on its further projects.

The completion of the season took place on March 15, 2020, three months after its broadcast. The show received a lot of appreciation from its admirers and is currently streaming. Therefore, given the commendable success made by the show after the release of its latest season, the only popular question asked by the fans was, Will there be a second season of Avenue 5?

With the aim to bring clarity to such questions, just 2 weeks after the release of the first season of the show, it was announced by the crew in one of the interviews that, the coming of another season is happening. Sometime after this exciting news, the show was officially renewed for a second season on February 13, 2020, by the original network of the series. Since the renew of the second season, the expected release date for the approaching season was sometime in the early months of 2021, unfortunately, it was pushed further ahead.

The reason behind the postponement of the launch date is the delay in the shooting and production of the second season. With the ongoing pandemic situation of COVID-19, an occurrence of delay is natural. There haven’t been any more updates after the last unofficial announcement. Therefore, it is still presumable that the upcoming season, if not in early 2021 then sometime after that, will be releasing. So, keeping the hopes up and waiting for more updates is suggested for the fans of the show.

Anticipated Plot of The Second Season:

The plot of the show, Avenue 5 centers around a very interesting storyline. The script of this series involves a mix of comedy and science fiction genres, which is one of the uniqueness of this American series. The storyline revolves around a cruise ship, named Avenue 5 in the middle of its motion, consisting of passengers and a lot of other people.

The unfortunate death of the Chief engineer of this ship leads to a lot of twists and turns in the story. As the ship loses its artificial gravity and goes off its course, the possibility of it coming back to Earth is in 3 years. With the lack of supplies to make living possible for the members and passengers stuck on the ship, the crew of the ship tries their best to maintain decorum and struggles to bring the ship back to its origin. With the plot of the first season of this amazing show being so interesting, it is expected the upcoming part will too hold a very interesting storyline.

Avenue 5: Cast and Characters 

The show revolves around a very interesting script and an equally interesting cast group. The plot of the show mainly revolves around the star characters of the series, Hugh Laurie playing the role of Ryan Clark, the captain of Avenue 5, Zach Woods as Matt Spencer, the Head of Customer Relations, Josh Gad portraying the role of the billionaire owner of Avenue 5 named Herman Judd, Suzy Nakamura as Iris Kimura who is an associate owner the avenue 5.

Rebecca Front playing one of the passengers namely Karen Kelly, Lenora Crichlow portraying Billie McEvoy the second engineer, Ethan Phillips playing the role of a former astronaut who is currently an alcoholic named Spike Martin and Nikki Amuka as the head of Mission Control for Avenue 5 namely Rav Mulcair. Along with these, there are other several cast members who are spotted in the show quite frequently like, Himesh Patel, Julie Dray, Jule Bornheimer, Andy Buckley, Matthew Beard, etc. who are all much awaited to be seen in the upcoming part of the series as well.

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