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Finding Freedom: She Knew Prince Harry Would Be A Great Father

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story is just like a fairytale story. The two are now happily married and enjoying the new phase of being parents to their 15 months old baby boy. However, do you know how Meghan already knew that Harry would be the one that would father her children?

Meghan Was Positive For Harry Being A Good Father

Yes, you read that right! Meghan already got the vibe that the Prince would be the father of her children only. But how did she got to know about those fatherly traits in him? Well, Meghan saw Harry being a kid himself with her best friend’s children with whom Harry went totally crazy and happy.

Harry Loves Children and Enjoys Playing With Them

He was playing with them, they were scratching him, pushing him but he was all happily playing and enjoying the time with the kids. Also, every time he used to visit the kids, he brought some cute little presents. Of course, this did not serve as the deciding factor but the care, love, and concern that was behind all those efforts that the Prince was doing.

Meghan Markle
Source: Yahoo UK

It all led to just giving a green signal to Meghan that only Harry is meant for her and her future children. And now we can see it very clear that the couple is enjoying this new phase who are quarantining in Los Angeles.

Read Finding Freedom To Know More About Them

All this is available in much detail in the book Finding Freedom- Henry And Meghan And The Making Of A Modern Family. This is a book in which the couple has no role to play in bringing life to the book. It is the sole effort of the authors who have all by themselves collected the matter from which we have shared one lovely aspect with you guys.

It has everything in detail from their marriage to their present-day life update. It would be an interesting catch to read about the Dutches of Sussex and the Prince. We know already that the two departed from the royal family to lead a normal life and moved to LA and are all.in good spirits.

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