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Playstation 5: Will It Really Supports Backward Compatibility? Details Here

However, when the world is struggling for happiness this year, people’s lives become more miserable. Amid the Coronavirus crisis, activities like binge-watching and gaming are the only preferred options humans could have. 

It is apparent that this year already labeled as the worst year of all humankind. But Some things happened that still comforts some population. We are talking about gamers as they finally had their eyes on the next-gen console, and the reveal was a treat to eyes. 

Backward Compabllty 

Revealing next-gen went well for the fans, but the most hyped thing about Playstation will be its Backward Compatibility. Sony has affirmed the fact that PS5 will support PS4 games, and this could be a huge boost for Playstation users. So this clearly implies that you can download and play PS4 games on your next-gen Playstation 5.  

However, the physical discs are also reportedly working on next-gen, so Sony didn’t leave a chance to lagging behind in terms of its game compatibility. No support for previous versions of Playstation has been reported yet, so please debunked these rumors about the next-gen Playstation. 


Playstation 4 games will run fine using the boost mode in the console and offers an immersive experience for the gamers. But users have to follow the installation process on PS5’s SSD. Ultimately its boosts the performance, and discs could not be fully functional on the next-gen consoles. Both physical copies and download copies of PS4 will work on next-gen, and this could be revolutionary for the gamers. 

Currently, Sony is testing the games which could be on the list of fully compatible and will face no major issues while playing. 


If you’re wondering about the PS4 controller will work on PS5 or not? Then we cleared the air that Dualshock controllers will not likely work on Playstation 5 systems. As far as the controller is concerned, then Dualsense would be revolutionary for PS5 Systems. One unit per customer policy also affects the sales of the next-gen Playstation. 

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