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Why Next-Gen Graphics Card Tend Price Hike Of Games?

Nvidia, the leaders in modern technology of Graphics Card and killing the completion on an annual basis. With the recent discontinuation of some graphic card series, Nvidia is heading towards its future. However, this is happening for the first time as Nvidia is launching a series and with immediate effect, discontinuing others. 

Discontinued Series

RTX 2070

RTX 2070 Super

RTX 2080 Super

RTX 2080 Ti

Upcoming RTX 30 Series

As we mentioned, Nvidia tends to bring one series and discontinuing others. Nvidia is going to launch ampere based RTX 30 series cards, and the upcoming generation already created such hype. 

The rumored release dates are out, and the prices of the cards are not confirmed yet. 

RTX 3080 TI- final release date is September 17th, 2020

RTX 3080– final release date is September 17th, 2020

RTX 3070– October 2020

RTX 3060– November 2020

Source: Wccftech

Why Price Hike Of Games Is Imminent?

It is evident that after the release of modern technology, there was a sudden price hike in the games. The same procedure to be followed after the 30 series cards will release. The game tends to increase the prices after the requirements are getting an increase, and it’s a well-established business for both parties. 

Modern Technology will tend to require much concentration, and obviously, they could only do great in the market when someone needs it desperately. The requirements of games are getting higher and higher as well as the prices vary according to popularity. 

New games will focus on Cross-platforms, too, and this will only create such differences in prices. Cross-platform will be a massive advantage for the game developers’ giants as they offer the game interface within every platform available. The latest example of Warzone is perfect in terms of Crossplay, and its just beginning of the new era. Many users complained about Cross-platform that the feature is ruining their gameplay experience. However, it widens up the matchmaking space but eventually enhancing the risk of malpractice and cheating over the networks. 

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