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The New Mutants: Theatrical Or OTT Release? Details Here

With Coronavirus wreaking havoc on the Entertainment industry, with almost all the big tent pole movies release date pushed back, these movies’ fate is hanging out in grave uncertainty.

The New Mutants: The Upcoming Full Is Going For A Theatrical Release. Here’s What We Know.

The New Mutants have been slated to be the big screen on 28th August, while can’t are speculating that enter the makers will go on with the initial release date or opt for a digital release this time. We might have some updates on the film and fans might be interesting in taking a quick look into the details.

The New Mutants: The Leading Cast Members Gathered For A Virtual Meet! Have A Look.

Apparently, The New Mutants is going with the big screen release until now. The news was further confirmed when the leading cast members gathered for a panel discussion at [email protected], which was the digital version of the annual San Diego festival. Take a look at the small video of the panel discussion right here. They have discussed about the upcoming film.

The cast members started the discussion with a little reminder of the release date is 28th August, moreover, even the trailer has been saying that the film will be hitting the big screens. The New Mutants have already been headlines and speculation due to the constant delays during production. Now with a final release date, the studio has opted a theatrical release rather than digital one.

The New Mutants: The Film Has Already Went Through Several Delays Right From 2015!

While the film was in talks right from 2025, the film has finally set down a release date and is adamant to make it a theatrical release this time. So, we would see the team of young mutants starring Maisie Williams along with Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga all kept in a secret facility. Now, this new team will unleash their powers and become the new mutants in action.

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