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WALL-E 2: Will The Sequel Of Disney Pixar’s Robot Film Happen?

Pixar Studio has gifted fans with some great animated films that have been both commercial and critical successes over all these years. The iconic animated movie, WALL-E has been a fan favorite movie of an adorable robot.

Is Pixar Studio Going To Develop A WALL-E 2 Movie Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

While the film concluded with a beautiful ending, fans were wondering whether there’s ever going to be a sequel movie under the Pixar banner. It seems like fans might be a bit disappointed as a sequel project might not be happening. While the heartfelt story of two distinctive robots falling in love has touched thousands of hearts, it seems that the studio is not revisiting a sequel movie anytime soon.

WALL-E 2 Might Not Be Happening As Revealed By Pixar President.

Pixar President Jim Morris has explained his plans about the possibility of a WALL-E sequel. According to Morris, while the story is very close to his heart as he has produced it, however, the film had a perfect beginning, middle, and end so they are not planning any further story about the robot.

Morris has made it quite clear that the studio is not quite interested in revisiting the WALL-E film in the coming time. The film had a beautiful ending and a sequel movie might lessen the input of the original movie. So, it seems like the memories of the first film are what we have for now.

WALL-E 2 Might Not Be Revisited By The Studio Anytime Soon.

Pixar has not revisited several.of their hit animated projects including Ratatouille and Inside Out as well. While the makers have not received their future plans about these movies, WALL-E is definitely going to be one and original movies with no sequels coming up anytime soon. So, for now, we can revisit the memories by watching the adorable story of two star-crossed robots finding their way back to each other. We never know a sequel might happen in the future!

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