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COD Ghosts 2: What Happened With Franchise?

Call of Duty regained its crown after Modern Warfare release. Now this year’s edition Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is set for release in November.

But the main concern is about Call Of Duty Ghosts which almost forgotten by the developers. Every fan knows that there is unfinished business with Ghosts and it has to be considered as soon as possible.

Call of Duty Ghost 2 Release

However, it’s evident that Ghosts 2 is not on the priority list for the developers and they are looking for potential alternatives. But we are very sure that the game will be on the radar for the developers and will release soon. But talking about its potential release date could be backfired as the franchise moved back to Modern Warfare series and maybe the series moves further.

Call of Duty: Ghosts 2' Would Be A Mistake For Activision

Source: Forbes

Why Ghost 2 Could Be Better Alternative? 

There are many reasons to justify the statement that Cod Ghosts 2 will be the best contender for the next Call of Duty release.


Call of Duty Ghosts ended with a cliffhanger and fans are counting on sequel release to know what will happen next. After the reboot version of Modern Warfare and Black Ops coming back to its routes, Call of Duty should try Ghosts 2 for the 2021 release.

Better Contender

If we considering the current franchises then Call of Duty Ghosts 2 could be a better option. So far as the experiment is considered, likes of Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare were not on point, and Ghosts 2 can rectify those mistakes. Multiplayer of Call of Duty completely dependent upon the developers but the storyline requires a huge consideration to go ahead.

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