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Games Sequel Every Fan Counting On

Some games are so good that gamers used to play them again and again. Some of them are just missing their Sequel, and as a matter of fact, sequels never happened.

Sleeping Dogs

The Game takes us down to the memory lane of GTA with an advanced combat system. The combat system of Sleeping Dogs was so unique that every gamer enjoyed every brawl session. Gunfights are cool, but having such an advanced brawl system with using environments was the next level. However, there was no sequel reported, and fans are still hoping that Sequel might be revolutionary with the Current generation of graphics and modern technology.


Another Rockstar Masterpiece that doesn’t have a Sequel yet. However, there are Speculations that Sequel of the Bully is already in Development and could Arrive before GTA 6. In our opinion, Bully should have a sequel, and the latest technology will make it more authentic.

Call of Duty Ghosts 2

However, the most awaiting Franchise’s sequel edition never brought up. Call of Duty Ghosts 1 ends with a cliffhanger, and this year’s release also booked for Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War. So it must be hard for a fan to wait for the next edition, and years after year, Ghosts 2 is not even considered yet.

Shadow of Colossus

Now Playstation users are getting a meltdown as they wished there will be a sequel of the epic masterpiece. However, there was no sequel reported but a PS4 version was made two years ago for the current-gen consoles. That was enough for the fans but the franchise never considers a sequel and if the current-gen tends to release the sequel then it would be more authentic and overhyped.

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