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Animaniacs Reboot: Is The Animated Series All Set To Make Its Arrival On Hulu?

Animaniacs is a comedy television series that aired last about 22 years ago. It is a Steven Spielberg creation, and the man is once again set to bring the anime web series in a reboot version for the viewers. And what is the excellent news is that the show is set to launch its very first season on the online streaming platform Hulu.

Now since you know that makers are all set to release the very first season of the show, you must be wondering the release date, plot, and other related information regarding the TV show. In this article, we have come up with all the relevant information that you might want to know regarding this upcoming series.

Release Date and Episodes In Animaniacs Reboot

We have got the release date for you, which is November 20, 2020. It will be a total of 13 episodes of seasons.

Plot Of Animaniacs Reboot

It is said that the show will revolve around two Warner brothers who, along with their sister,, enter an amusement park and begin creating havoc on everyone whom they meet. It is going to be one good hell of a journey with them. So among the former characters that will be returning in this reboot version is Pinky and the Brain, who have got an individual cartoon show in its kitty.

Animaniacs' Reboot
Source: Deadline

Just a few months are left for the show to get a launch, and we know that it is going to worth it having Steven Spielberg on board.

Renewal Status Of Animaniacs Reboot Season 2 and 3

Now we have even better news for you guys, and that is that the makers of the Animaniacs have already ordered two seasons at once for the cartoon series. This means we have a season two as well, which will consist of 13 episodes and will see a release in 2021 with no exact release date for it revealed.

So till then, keep scheduling your watchlist as this one is for sure that you do not want to miss by not watching it as soon as it hits on your small screen.

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