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Next-Gen Consoles: What Could We Conclude From Gamescom Reveal?

However, in this sad and depressing year, gamers find some source of happiness as the digital version of Gamescom is happening swiftly. The event already past its two days long session and several titles already revealed in the event. But that’s not the center of attention currently. An Informative in-depth session of next-gen consoles was much required, and Gamescon fulfilled that huge demand.

Next-Gen Consoles

We already know that next-gen consoles are overhyped this fall. However, the sales unit will be affected after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but still, fans are hoping that they could get their hands on the next-gen consoles.

So let’s talk about what happened in Gamescom regarding the next-gen consoles.

Playstation 5

Sony has affirmed that Playstation 5 is ready for pre-orders on a special invite basis. Wifi 6 is an upgrade to the previous version of wifi 5 in Ps4 pro systems.

16 Gb DDR6 memory and 825 Gb Ssd, so there will be a lot of storage to store the games.

The Playstation was expected to release this holiday season, and Gamescom also missed out on such important detail.

Xbox Series X

There could be a similar case with the Xbox Series X release as it could also release in November this fall.

However, both consoles tipped to release in the same month and a clear competition is imminent between the two. Meanwhile, there are no pre-orders available for Xbox Series X, but we can expect it sooner. Microsoft could make an official announcement in upcoming days and that could be a game-changer if its available for all users.

So all we have to do is to wait for two months and we could finally get our hands on next-gen consoles which could be the best thing this year. However, Sony already asserted the facts about one user per unit due to manufacturing barriers after Covid-19.

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