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SING ON!: Netflix’s Release Date and Cast Details

Reality shows are a huge part of TV Shows and create an interface between the audience and the show. Likes of American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and many others are the core of these types of shows.

Sing On is a famous franchise with the likes of Sing On Germany, Sing On Spain, and now its expansion leads to Sing On the US. However, the show was already hyped by the fans, and they are counting on the show this month.

Release Date

Sing On US version will be hitting Netflix’s screens on September 16, 2020. So get ready with your screen sets as music contest soon be on the platform.

About Sing On US

Sing On comprises of six contestants competing for the glory and maximum prize of $60,000. The Prize money will be estimated by how closely the contestants match the lyrics of the song.

The song will be measured by a vocal analyzer and will be appointed randomly. So contestants have to prepare what comes ahead, or there will be a huge trouble for them.

In every round, the contestant who matches the primary vocal performance the best is safe from Further elimination. There will be five rounds with the final two contestants will face each other in a duet.

Titus Burgess will host the show, and the show will compromise eight episodes. The show was filmed at the Pinewood studio complex.

So this could be a different concept from other reality shows, and as usual, performance matters. Sing On was pretty appreciated by the audience of Spain and Germany, and now it could be more special as English vocals will be the priority for the contestants and the show.


Netflix just dropped the trailer for the initial season of SING ON U.S, so get ready with your screen sets on September 16, 2020.

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