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The Meg 2: When Will The Sequel Starring Jason Statham Going To Hit The Screens

Jason Statham’s fans will be happy now as we have a good news for them. The continuation of the science fiction film The Meg is finally happening. Not long after the arrival of the first film, Jason Statham reported that in the event that the film is fruitful, at that second part will happen. So the first part is one of the highest-earning films, and loved by many fans.

The creator of the movie Catherine Xujun Ying proclaimed that the second part s in the beginning phase of advancement. The writers of the movie are currently taking a shot at the content of The Meg 2.

The Meg 2: Will We Get A Sequel Of The Jason Statham Starrer Action Movie
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When Will The Sequel Release

Reports revealed that the second part of the movie is in the beginning phase of improvement, so we need to wait for it for a more extended time. We also know that these days production on many movies is confronting delay due to the Covid pandemic. So the shooting will even start late for the second part of The Meg.

The official release date isn’t set for the second part of The Meg; sources are stating that it will release for the fans in 2022.

What’s The Story Details

The story is about Jonas Taylor who is on a strategic mission. The mission made Taylor lose his job, his marriage, and he is terminated from his work because of the story of the giant creature. Notwithstanding, years after the fact, Taylor needs a job that has some association with his mission a couple of years back, including his ex.

Taylor’s ex Lori is likewise on the mission. In any case, they are caught by a big shark, and Taylor is called to save them and complete the mission. Be that as it may, obscure to them, the shark gets through the hole and tails them to the office. The team joins together and examines their own specific manner of understanding that the shark is the Megalodon. The biggest shark in history accepted to be wiped out for many years.

Jason Statham is affirmed to return for the second part of The Meg. Without him, the second film is difficult to occur. So he will repeat his role as Jonas Taylor.

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