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Oscar New Rules For Best Picture Nominees In 2024, Crucial Details

The prestigious Oscar Awards deciding committee has decided to add a few important components under which the final decision will be made. Let us take a look at these new developments which were recently made.

Oscar New Rules Seem To Be Including New Components For 2024. Here’s What We Know.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which overlooks the Oscars have decided that it would add a diversity component in the Oscars race. This will work from 2024, 96th Oscars films that will pay heed to the inclusion standards both on-camera and behind the scenes. These new rules should be included in the movies that will be nominated for the big win.

The Element Of Diversity Will Be Crucial To These Movies.

As per the newly formed rule, the film must have an actor from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, this actor can be the leading or supporting case member. This new rule has some extensive form of additions as well. These rules have been taken in the light of events happening in all these years and as we can see the deciding committee is leaning towards more diverse films.

Oscars Shake Up Best Picture Eligibility With Strict New Diversity Rules In  2024 – Deadline
Source: Deadline

Moreover, thirty percent of thee actions who are starring in a minor or secondary role could be from these categories including LGBTQ, with some cognitive or physical disabilities, underrepresented racial or ethnic groups. Moreover, Dawn Hudson has started that this will be the catalyst for long-lasting, and will be bringing essential change in our industry through such diverse movies.

The New Move Will Ensure More Inclusion In Movies, Says The Deciding Committee.

This newly formed rule is undertaken to include the component of inclusion that people are talking for so many years. This will increase diversity and inclusion in movies. The prestigious academy’s president, David Rubin has said that this will help the audience to connect with the film as well. Earlier the Oscars Academy has faced backlash for having more all-white nominations wins which came off a bit problematic for many.

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