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Leonardo DiCaprio Kept ‘This Thing’ A Secret From His Mother For 26 Years

The Oscar-winning actor is a big name all over the world not only for his acting, success, and fame but for his kind-heartedness also. We are talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, and we are here right now to tell you one unknown fact related to the actor.

All of us indeed are afraid of our parents, mostly when we hide even the slightest of things from them. You even must be aware that nothing is impossible to remain hidden from your mothers, isn’t it! Even if you become a known personality or a big celebrity.

However, celebrities’ lives are always under limelight media, and there is nothing that remains secret until the stars try their hardest not to make certain revelations be it related to their personal as well as present lives.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Secret

And yes, Leonardo has a secret which he wanted should not come out in front of his mother. What was ‘that thing’ folks? Well, when the actor was in his early 20s, and his career just began, he was into the habit of smoking.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Source: The Telegraph

During that time, the actor did a movie alongside Johnny Depp, and they had a success party for the same. Now, Leonardo went outside to buy a pack of cigarettes and got clicked by the reporter.

However, when he saw, he went out to the reported and requested him not to share the particular picture as he does not want his mother to know about it. Yes, this was the whole story that was shared by the reporter himself dating back to so many years back.

Mothers Are The Best Detectives

However, the matter of the fact remains the same that nothing can remain hidden from mothers even if you are a celebrity. And of course, Leonardo, who is so attached to his mother, knew that her mom knows about it.

Well, now this is all just a talk about the past as we know how Leonardo has helped his fellow mates, including Robert Pattinson, to quit smoking. But it was only for the time being when the actor wanted to hide when he was just beginning his acting career. And now things are all open with his mother.

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