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The Babysitter Killer Season 3: Possibilities And Expected Arrival

The popular horror-comedy The Babysitter came back with a back new sequel movie just a few days ago exclusively on Netflix, while a lot of things happened in this new movie, fans are speculating something more!

The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 3: Is There Going To Be Another Blood-Filled Third Movie? Here’s What We Know.

The brand new sequel movie titled The Babysitter: Killer Queen returned on Netflix with double the twists and turns and also not to forget all the blood-filled fun. However, just like the first movie, it seems like the sequel movie has also left behind a huge cliffhanger, does this mean that a third movie might also happen?

The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 3: The Sequel Movie Left Behind A Big Cliffhanger! Have A Look.

As the sequel movie takes fans back to the first movie with Cole all grown up about and now is a junior in high school. However, the murderous events that took place when he was 12 have left behind a huge trauma on him. In order to leave all those haunted memories behind, he tried every possible idea but soon realizes that he actually misses his old babysitter!

Amidst all these, he is convinced by his crush, Melanie for a fun lakehouse getaway. However, history soon repeats itself as fans soon discover that Melanie is part of a murder cult too! This also means that all the old members returned as well!

The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 3: A Third Movie Might Be Happening!

The sequel movie also left behind a high cliffhanger that roomies a third movie, the shocking twist in the tale? Well, Samara Weaving’s character, the murderous babysitter Bee is not quite dead. However, she did have a change of heart and might be leaving her evil past behind. This surely opens numerous possibilities for a third movie for fans. Moreover, lead star Judah Lewis has expressed his excitement to be on board for a third movie as well!

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