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The Last Dance 2: Will The Sequel Based On Kobe Bryant

Netflix has been upgrading its platform bringing home some of the best back to back sports documentaries as well. These documentaries throw light on some of the biggest living legends in the world of sports.

The Last Dance 2: Does The Sports Documentary Going To Come Back For Another Season? Here’s What We Know.

The recently released sports documentary The Last Dance jas received positive reviews from fans and left behind a sad note of nostalgia when we got to see the late NFL player Kobe Bryant as well. It was as if the player never really left us.

The Last Dance 2: Fans Are Looking Forward For Another Season Based On Late Player, Kobe Bryant.

While the docuseries throws enough light on Michael Jordan’s rise to fame and also.not to forget his journey along with the 90s Chicago Bulls. The entire journey of Jordan right from his high school days and goes all the way through this career until the very end. Fans were left all emotional to see the late player Kobe Bryant, it was shot just weeks before the tragic helicopter accident.

While the documentary ended on a bittersweet note with Kobe Bryant recalling the positive impact Jordan had on him. Fans are speculation whether there will be another season that will pay tribute to the late player. Lakers legend Magic Johnson also believes that a series about Kobe Bryant is inevitable.

The Last Dance 2: There Has Been No Such Confirmation About Another Season Made.

While fans seemed to love the docuseries, The Last Dance might have a chance to return with a new sports legend in focus this time. This there any possibility of a sequel happening? Well, fans sure would love to see more of it. Moreover, a series about Kobe Bryant would be a perfect idea to pay their last tribute to one of the greatest NFL players of all time who was taken away from all of us due to an untimely death.

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The Last Dance 2: Will The Sequel Based On Kobe Bryant


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