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Halle Berry: Winning The Oscar A ‘Disappointment’?

Halle Berry became the primary Black woman to receive an Academy Award for the Best Actress in 2002. The award was given to her for her excellent contribution in the movie Monster’s Ball. The actress is also known for her other roles and contributions to the Film Industry.

The actress gave an excellent speech where she thanked Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, and Diahann Carroll for creating a fruitful way in this industry for her. She further congratulated every woman on this planet irrespective of cast and color and dedicated her award to them.

Halle Berry Referred Her Award As A Disappointment

Halle Berry’s speech was very emotional and motivational for all the women. She even thanked the Academy for giving her this fantastic award. But it seems as if there was some other story revolving inside her mind that she revealed two decades after receiving her award.
In an interview with a media channel, Halle Berry said that after winning her award, she felt more of a disappointment than pride. Many women have been nominated in the past years for the award, but no black woman was awarded for the Best Actress at the Oscars before Halle Berry.

She further stated that she felt actresses who portrayed notable roles in their respective movies were the deserving candidates for the award. She also pointed out the fact throughout the years, very few Black Artists have been awarded for their excellent talents.

Halle Berry
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Halle Berry Feels For Others

Halle further stated that after receiving that award, she was left in a dilemma of whether to cherish the moment or worry about it. According to her, the industry has not given much recognition to the black people, and hence it was a reason to worry for her.

In 2017, the actress remarked that her consequential win had no major impact on society when it comes to respecting and appreciating a particular section of society.  She still thinks that the condition has not improved and that are still many areas where people have to ponder upon to bring out the changes that will make this world a better place to live.

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