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Lord Voldemort TV Series: Will It Happen?

While his name was not uttered back in Hogwarts, it seems like fans would still want to know more about one of the most talked-about bag guys from the Harry Potter franchise: Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort Standalone Film Might Be Happening? Here’s What We Know.

The character of Voldemort, despite being an evil one, was highly popular in novels and films alike. Fans about loved Ralph Fiennes’ portrayal of the evil wizard, and it seems like we could not get enough of the character!

Lord Voldemort’s Journey Of Becoming The Dark Lord Will Be Followed In The Standalone Movie.

With a spin-off movie is still under development in the form of the third Fantastic Beast movie that is connecting the massing dots from the Harry Potter movie, it seems like Warner Bros. is interested in making a solo standalone movie based on the character of Voldemort. Will Ralph Fiennes be reprising the role or not?

While there has been no official announcement made about the development of this film, the film, if made, will focus on the journey of Tom Riddle becoming the Dark Lord and becoming Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis and Hogwarts darkest cloud. Moreover, no casting information has been provided yet as well. There were rumors of Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp being eyed for the role of Tom Riddle for this ongoing standalone movie plan.

Warner Bros. Might Be Keen On Taking Up This Project.

The film will revolve around Voldemort’s rise to power as he becomes the Dark lord. With Johnny Depp already on board as the antagonist in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, we wonder who will be cast for this standalone movie. The film rumor is still doing around the corner with no concrete combination yet. We will also get to see more of James Potter and Lily Potter’s story as well. However, the information is still scarce, with no concrete information made by any of the studios yet.

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