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After Life Season 3: When Could We Expect Its Netflix Release?

The hit Netflix dark comedy series After Life came back with a brand new second season and fans are already looking forward to the third season and the biggest question is whether the adorable pet dog is also going to be there or not!

After Life Season 3: The Dark Comedy Series Is Returning For Season 3! Here’s What We Know.

Fans will be happy to know that the comedy series will be returning for a third season as well! Moreover, the writer and lead star Ricky Gervais has further revealed that he has already completed the first draft of the script of season 3. Gervais also confirmed that the third season is sure happening as he loves the story and the dog of course!

After Life Season 3: Lead Star And Writer Ricky Gervais Made Some Big Revelations. Have A Look.

While Tony still seems to struggle with his wife’s death and grapples with an imminent sense of loss, the second season finale ended with a huge cliffhanger. Ricky Gervais in his own signature style announced the renewal of season 3 on Twitter.

While Tony faces another big personal loss in the second season as his father passed away, so we might not get to see him returning for the third season. However, Lisa will be making her appearance in the form of flashbacks and memories just like the last two seasons. Most of the supporting characters will be returning for the next season as well.

After Life Season 3: What’s Next For Tony And Emma In The Upcoming New Season?

We will also see whether Tony starts his life afresh with Emma, they two do have feelings for each Roger, and the second season finale did end on a positive note with Emma dropping in just as Tony was about to make a dangerous decision ahead. So, there’s a lot in store for both Anne and Emma as even Anne was seen to find some companionship and that’s something we will get to see in season 3.

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