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Joker Sequel: Is It Really Happening?

DC had an overwhelming success with the standalone Joker movie. Fans seemed to love the to gin story of the notorious clown Prince of Gotham and the film went on to fetch both commercial and critical success!

Is DC Planning To Do A Joker Sequel Or Not? Here’s What We Know.

While the first film seems to have left behind too many unresolved questions about Arthur’s sudden exit for the mental asylum and his rise to power, fans wonder whether the studio is keen for a sequel movie or not. Well, it seems like the leading star might have some interesting insight into the idea of a sequel.

Leading Actor Joaquin Phoenix Might Be Roped In For The Joker Sequel Movie! Have A Look.

Leading star Joaquin Phoenix has expressed his insight about returning as Arthur Fleck aka The Joker. Moreover, it is reported that the studio is keen on a sequel movie and negotiations with the actor are also ongoing. The actor is rumored to be getting offered a large amount for the sequel and a second might just happen!

We wonder what will the actor say as earlier he did confess that the preparations he had to undertake for the role were extremely difficult and nerve wreaking, Phoenix also said that the more he got into the role, the more difficult it was to play it on screen. However, that doesn’t mean that the possibilities of his return are slim.

The Actor Has Expressed His Insight On The Idea Of A Sequel.

However, he also stated that despite all the hard work, he felt stimulated and motivated to play the iconic character. So, he might just agree to do it once again. We will love to see what’s next for the clown prince after his murderous exit for the mental asylum. The sequel will follow his journey of becoming the dark lord of Gotham city while he soon encounters his arch-nemesis, Bruce Wayne.

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