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A Spider-Girl Movie Is In Making At MCU!

It looks like Spider-Man has already created a big universe of its own. Also, Sony and Marvel created a universe in the union, and they already provided us a big Spider-Man spinoff movie like Venom. We will also get films and shows based on the characters that are related to the web-slinger. So everyone is very much excited for this eagerly.

It is recently reported that a live-action movie based on Spider-Girl is in development. So below is everything which you should know about it here:

Marvel And Sony Reportedly Developing Spider-Girl Movie

Recently fandomwire made the announcement that Marvel and Sony are planning to make a live-action movie based on the character Spider-Girl. It will be the spinoff of Spider-Man movies. They also added that this film will be based on the version of Anya Corazon.

Spider-Man Unlimited - Anya Corazon SPIDER-GIRL - YouTube

But still, there is no official confirmation from the side of Marvel and Sony for this project. So if it happens, then every Spider-Man will be very much happy. We are also hoping that this news may be real because we all really want it to happen.

About Anya Corazon

Anya Sofia Corazon is the superheroine who appeared in the comic books of Marvel. In the beginning, she was known as AraƱa but later started calling her as Spider-Girl. This superheroine also teamed up with Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. Her power is very much similar to Spider-Man.

She has superhuman strength, reflexes/reactions, agility, and more. She can also grow a spider-like exoskeleton around her body.

Other Spider-Man Spinoff Projects

Two Spider-Man Spinoff movies are just on the way that is Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Apart from this, we will get other films that will set in the same universe that includes Kraven the Hunter film, Spider-Woman film, Nightwatch film, Jackpot film, and many others.

We will also get Spider-Man spinoff shows that include Silver & Black and Silk. Sony and Marvel are trying to expand the universe of Spider-Man and we also want to explore more. This is going to be very much interesting and exciting, for more updates stay tuned.

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