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Kelly Clarkson Finally Reveals About Her Divorce With Brandon Blackstock

2020 is bringing out as a split up year as well for a lot of Hollywood couples. It seems that the quarantine period is giving a rough patch and reality check resulting in splitting up. The next pair to add up to the list is Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.

The couple has already filed for divorce, the decision of which came initially from Kelly’s side. This came as a shock for their fans and followers who, if reports are to be believed, filed for divorce in June 2020.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Relationship Status

And now it has officially come out, speak up by their near ones and even Kelly herself. Though no significant reason came put for making such a drastic decision to put an end to their seven years of marriage.

However, the couple was reportedly going through some problems, and when they were quarantining together, instead of things getting all worked out, it turned out worse for them. Kelly decided that divorce is the only option left.

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The Couple Also Has Lovely Children

The couple shares two children, a daughter, and a son who both need their parents. So the now ex-couple have sought for joint custody as parenting cannot be done alone as the children need both their mother and father together with them.

Both Kelly and Brandon worked hard and did not get much time to be with each other as the time they got going into their children’s care. And now when the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic gave them ample time, till then things went out of control that they thought of getting separated will be the best.

However, there were reports that the couple is doing all well and are happy in their married and family life. And now officially reading such sad news of their separation came as a shock, indeed. The couple serves as perfect parents to their children, but it was unfortunate to see that they could not save their relationship.

This was Brandon’s second marriage, which has too now come to an end. We hope that the two earn success in their future and evolve as the right individuals and parents to their children, who are now the only reason for them to be together.

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