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Overlord Season 4: When Is This Upcoming Season Arriving? Here Is Everything We know So far!

One of the popular anime novels shows on Netflix, Overlord is a Japanese dark fantasy and drama genre. The show is the direction of Naoyuki Itō and Minoru Ashina. The series made its debut with the release of its first season on July 7, 2015, and is going on till the present time.

Overload is currently under the developmental process of its upcoming fourth season, which is much awaited by the show’s fans. The country of origin of this series in Japan and the show has originally been developed in the Japanese language. However, it is available on Netflix in the English language well.

The series has been produced with a combined effort of all its executive producers, Shō Tanaka, Kazufumi Kikushima, Satoshi Fukao, Noritomo Isogai, and Yuki Yoshida. The original network of the series is Netflix and the show has released all its seasons on this worldwide platform only.

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Being writing of Yukie Sugawara, the series is an animation show and its development has been done in its country of origin only. The show’s music is solely credited to Shūji Katayama and the team. The series has been licensed by Madman Entertainment and Funimation. The show has various other networks where its broadcast takes place, like AT-X, Sun TV, TV Aichi, KBS, Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS.

Previous Seasons: Recap

The series broadcasted its first season in July 2016 and has been a hit since then. The show presently has a total of 3 seasons which comprise 39 volumes. The first two seasons of this show came with 13 parts. The latest one too consisted of 13 episodes which are the expectation from the anticipated upcoming part as well.

All of these 39 episodes have made equal success and have a running time of 23 minutes. The first season of the show was such a hit mainly because of its involvement of dark fantasy in its plot. Its success leads to the development of the second part of this show which aired on January 10, 2018.

The fame gained by the first two seasons of the show lead to the development of the third and latest part of Overlord. The third part of this fantasy series aired on Netflix a few months after the release of the second part of the show. Its broadcast took place on July 11, 2018.

This season also comprised of 13 mind-blowing episodes, which were without any doubt binged watch by the viewers in just a week. The show has a huge fan base, which is not limited to just Japan but other countries as well. Since the broadcast of the latest season of this show, the viewers are keenly waiting for any updates on the Fourth season of Overlord.

Overlord Season 4: Renewed/Cancelled?

The series has given 3 fascinating seasons till now and the arrival of its fourth season is much awaited by the fans. The show’s latest season arrived 2 years back and it is high time the fans an announcement about its fourth part. So, in 2019 the writer of the show announced the coming of a fourth season of the show.

He stated that the season is highly likely to happen as the show has made commendable progress since its debut. Since this recent news, there has not been any further news on this matter by any of the crew members of the show. However, just the news on the possibility of its arrival was enough for the fans.

Overlord Anticipated Arrival Date Of Season 4

Well, as mentioned earlier the show’s crew has not announced any details on the fourth season of Overlord yet. Therefore, expecting anything on this matter is might eventually just prove to be disappointing.

However, considering the pattern in the other anime shows, it is white natural for 2-3 years of gap between a new and the old season. Therefore, the arrival of the fourth season still seems likely. Together with this, the show’s writer mentioning the possibility of it just hinted more on the fact that a fourth part is coming soon.

So, with the lack of information on a fourth part’s arrival its release date can only be assumed. Therefore, considering how the show does not follow any pattern in the release of its seasons. It is expected that the show will be launching its Fourth season, either early or fall of 2021.

However, with the ongoing pandemic situation of COVID-19 all across the globe. It is natural for the series to have a delay in the production and shooting of its new season, moving its anticipated launch date further ahead. Therefore, with the lack of much information on this matter, the arrival of Overlord season 4 in the fall of 2021 is very hopeful and much awaited by the audience.

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