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Tenet: A Huge Failure In US? What Got Wrong?

Tenet is the best movie of this year, and after the reopening of the theaters, it is the biggest movie released. It is directed by Inception director Christopher Nolan, and the movie budget is very high. The movie cast John David Washington in the main role. The movie has got appreciation from the critics for the cast performance and the story.

Audiences are liking this movie very much. But it is recently revealed that Tenet is failing at the US Box office. Keep reading to catch all the details about it here:

Tenet Drops In US

The new science fiction film Tenet is not doing good at the US box office. During its second week at the box office, Tenet earned only an approximated $6.7 million in the US. So, it is revealed that the movie really dropped less than 50 percent. This is all happening because, in North America, audiences are not going in the theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Warner Bros.

On the other hand, Disney’s live-action movie Mulan is also facing the same problem at the Chinese box office. Mulan flop in China as it was not able to impress the audiences there. They don’t like the live-action version.

Still, Tenet Achieved A Huge Milestone

The latest Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet manages to cross the $200 million mark at the global box office. It is just failing in the US, but in other countries, something great is happening. So that’s a huge achievement for Warner Bros. as during this pandemic situation, still, it happened.

Warner Bros. also earlier hiding the box office data of Christopher Nolan’s film. There are just not revealing about the domestic grosses of Tenet. The rival studios and press just eagerly want to know about the performance of Tenet.

About Tenet

Tenet focused on an organization that has operatives preferred to stop World War III. So it tells about The Protagonist who moves through a world of international espionage on a mission that will open in something beyond real-time. The budget of the sci-fi movie is $200 million.

It cast stars like John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh, and Michael Caine.

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