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Drew Brrymore Had A Reunion With Cameron Diaz And Lucy Liu

When Drew Barrymore’s first episode of The Drew Barrymore Show came out, nobody had anticipated what it would culminate into. Drew started it with a reunion (well, mini-reunion) of Charlie’s Angels that featured none other than Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. On the 14th September, Barrymore and her past co-stars sat down and chatted about the real-life amiable relationship that all of them have been enjoying for the last 2 decades.

That discussed at length about the legendary franchise, the bond developed while becoming mothers, and also pondered why it was important in the first place for the relatively new host of this talk-show to invite Lucy and Cameron in her first-ever episode.

As Cameron so sweetly and candidly avered, although Charlie’s Angels had to be the reason which managed to bring all the actresses at the same state of mind, it was their conscious efforts over the course of the last 2 decades of filling into their lives a lot of real moments, for, e.g., going out to (and traveling crazy distances) to attend the weddings of each other and then actively supporting and caring into motherhood, each other.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Demi Moore Had a Charlie's  Angels Reunion | W Magazine | Women's Fashion & Celebrity News
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Utterly befitting

Barrymore said that whenever she would think of venturing to achieve anything humongous in her life at any stage, it would be the other two who were there with her, always. Hence, obviously, she said further – it is utterly befitting that except Diaz and Liu, I could not think of anyone else. Indeed, these two people were the only ones that flashed both – in my heart and my head when I was pondering over a way as to how I would be ever able to honor their efforts in grooming my life?

Cameron and Lucy honored

Cameron and Lucy honored Barrymore as well, culminating in the latter to break down. Liu said that without allowing us to honor you, how could you honor us? Then, Liu and Cameron kept praising Drew’s vivacious energy and her uncanny ability to conjure up an unspoiled viewpoint in front of her audience. Holding back her tears, Drew said that she was really lucky to have lived life alongside Diaz and Liu.

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