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Hubie Halloween: When Will The Comedy Horror Flick Release And The Casting Details

Streaming giant Netflix has quite a Halloween planned for its subscribers with an array of new movies and series lined up for October release. Let us take a look at one such upcoming movie for October release.

Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler Is Back With Another Rib- Tickling Movie! Here’s What We Know.

Actor Adam Sandler is back with yet another rib-tickling horror-comedy tile Hubie Halloween produced under Sandler’s production house Happy Madison. The movie is all set to release exclusively on Netflix on 7th October. Here are all the details of this upcoming Adam Sandler starrer movie.

Hubie Halloween: The Movie Will Be Releasing Exclusively On Netflix. Have A Look.

Adam Sandler stars in the upcoming movie as Hubie Dubois, who is not taken seriously by the people of the town, Salem, Massachusetts. Netflix has already released the official trailer, and it sure looks like a classic Adam Sandler movie with all the wacky humor and a gripping story. Here’s the rib-tickling trailer for you all right here!

While he might not be the most popular man around, this down not stop Hubie to make sure that everything goes as per plan. However, things take a complicated turn when people mysteriously go missing in the town. With this spooky disappearance happening in the town, we have only one hope: Hubie Dubois. Will the unpopular man of the town be able to change his impression.

Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler Is Starring Alongside His Old Pack Of Friends!

Moreover, this is Hubie’s time to shine as he steps up to make things right and look into the matter. The cast members who are starring alongside Adam Sandler are Julie Bowen, Kevin James, Maya Rudolph, and Rob Schneider, Kenan Thompson, Paris Berelc, Tim Meadows as well. The old pack of friends is all set to entertain fans with this brand new rib-tickling horror comedy movie. The movie has it all and it seems like you have a lot of content to binge-watch this Halloween!

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