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Joker 2 Could Turn Out To Be A Reality

Warner Bros came up with the greatest DC film titled Joker back in 2019. It is the story of clown and stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck, who later becomes a criminal Joker. It is directed by Todd Phillips and cast actor Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role. The movie earned over $1 billion at the global box office and became the only R-Rated movie to do it. The critics appreciated the film, especially for the performance of Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar award for the best actor. Now there are reports that we can get the sequel of the DC movie. So below is everything to know about the second part:

Joker 2 Reportedly In Development

So after watching Joker, fans started demanding a sequel of it. They started asking if it would happen or not. In the previous year, it looks like there were very fewer possibilities for it. But now a source confirmed that Warner Bros. is planning to make Joker 2. We have another good news, and that is the studio also reportedly wants to make Joker 3.

Source: Warner Bros.

The news is revealed by The Mirror; they said that Warner Bros. wants a trilogy for the Joker. But still, there is no official confirmation from the side of the studio.

Warner Bros. Offered Reportedly $50 Million To Joaquin Phoenix

The same source also confirmed that Warner Bros. wants Phoenix to reprise his role as Joker for the two sequels. So the studio reportedly offered an amount of $50 Million to the actor. The source also added that now it’s the decision of Phoenix to accept the offer, and it will be the biggest payday of his career by far.

So we are hoping that this news may be real because we all want Phoenix to return as Joker. Also, the director Philips earlier said that without Joaquin Phoenix, the sequel is impossible.

Other Details For Joker 2

Also, if the sequels happen, then director Todd Phillips and producer Bradley Cooper will come back for it. The second part can start from the incidents of the first film where the Joker fleed from the asylum. If Joker 2 happens, then it will going to take a long time to release.

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