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Know This Much Is True: Mark Ruffalo’s Saga The Best Of Year?

I Know This Much Is True was an American dramatic TV short series made and directed by Derek Cianfrance is also based on the novel of the same name came in 1998  by Mark Ruffalo & Wally Lamb. The Hollywood stars appearing of two roles, as twins brothers whose name of  Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. This series was premiered on May 10, 2020,  and receiving more positive reviews from the critics.

The plot of Know This Much Is True:

This novel took place in Three Rivers, upon the long river in the before time in the 1990s. Dominick Birdsey, Thomas Birdsey are twins; they have paranoid schizophrenia. With the medication, Thomas is up to to live in his life as relative peace and did work at a coffee shop, as occasionally, he was acute episodes of his illness. He was thinking what he is creating relating to protest that will stop the Gulf War, Thomas discontinuation of his own hand maintained a public library.

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Dominick saw him as opening the occurring afterward to decide not to apply to attach again in hand and create full efforts on the behalf to free him from; he knows the better to be an insufficient and depressing in hospital for the harm mentally ill. Working at Dominick, think about his own in the difficult situation. Thomas’s brother was married to his beautiful ex-wife, which finished after there was child died of SIDS, his going on hostility in the direction of his stepfather.

Dominick is also showed classic symptoms of PTSD,  and the result came of stressors in his teen life. Firstly,  Thomas’s interests to then for his own preserve, he has seen a therapist whose name of Dr Rubina Patel as a psychologist employed by the hospital. She more helps Dominick come to know Thomas’s illness much better and their family’s stay or response to it.

The cast of Know This Much Is True:

The cast of characters are the main role in:

  • Dominick Birdsey as Protagonist
  • Thomas Birdsey as Dominick’s identical twin, a man with paranoid schizophrenia
  • Dr Patel as Thomas’s psychologist at Hatch, Dominick’s therapist
  • Lisa Sheffer as Thomas’s social worker, Dominick’s friend
  • Dessa Constantine as Dominick’s ex-wife, whom he remarries
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