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Mom Season 8: Will There Be A New Cast? Air Date Hints For The Upcoming Season

Mom is a CBS web series that is airing since 2013, and there is no stopping. It is one of the hit shows to date that has continued to maintain its humor, impact as always.

Production Related Details and Renewal Status Of Mom Season 8

The show is seven seasons down with the last season aired in 2019. And since then, we are all waiting for updates on the eight season. So guess what we finally have some great news in 2020 that the sitcom has been renewed for an eighth installment and they have also resumed filming for the same.

Pictures from the sets were shared by the lead protagonist herself, who showed how necessary.precautions are taken to be safe and sound from the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

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Source: CBS

Other Updates Related To Mom Season 8

However, we have some sad news, and the mother from the mother-daughter duo Anna Faris has bid adieu to the comedy sitcom. This cake as a shock for all the fans who were waiting to witness her again and her daughter. The news came just a few days before the entire cast and crew resumed shooting for the new season. It has to be seen as to how the writers will.be—creating the story for the same.

Expected Release Date of Mom Season 8

Well, for that, we have to wait till 2021 as before that the show is not going to hit our small screens. The show revolves around a mother and a daughter who are recovering from their addiction to narcotics and have found their long-estranged relationship.

The popular show is loved mainly for portraying the real-life issues which women face that include diseases, molestation, worries, and other problems in a very tedious and rightful.manner. Currently, nothing more is known as to whether there are any changes in the cast as we have given you an update about Farris.

Cast in Mom Season 8

Till then, we hope that the rest of the cast will return for the eighth season of the series Mom:

  • Allison Janney,
  • Sadie Calvano,
  • Nate Corddry,
  • Matt Jones,
  • French Stewart, and other artists as well.
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