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Tenet Poor Box Office Earning Has Failed To Revive Hopes Of Hollywood Flicks

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was the most awaited film of 2020 as the makers were all set to launch in theatres. It cast John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in main roles. Despite the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, which had led to complete lockdown, it includes closure of all theatres and cinema halls.

Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan Were Eager To Release The Movie

Still, Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan wanted to get a big-screen release when the situation comes slightly under control. And because of this, we witnessed so many shifts in the release date, and finally, the movie got a release.

Tenet: The Movie Has Flopped Drastically In The Cinema

Sadly the box office earnings of the movie were completely the opposite of what was expected as people still are hesitant to come to cinema halls to watch a movie. This was the first movie to get a launch on the big screens amidst the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, which would eventually pave the way for upcoming Hollywood flicks that are not ready to bring it on the online streaming platforms.

Source: Warner Bros

Nolan Is Famous For Making Amazing Fictional MoviesĀ 

Nolan is known to create high budgeted science fiction films, and Tenet is one of them, and the production house Warner Bros had trust in it. We feel that. It would have been better to launch it on the OTT platform, which is a smart move in today’s times wherein viewers are increasing the daily.

Well, now the movie is finally released. Let’s wait for some time and look for a response from the makers on the same. Tenet revolves around a secret agent given the task to prevent World War III.

Do not get disappointed as Tenet is not the last Nola movie released on the screens. There are hundreds of movies and TV shows available on various platforms, including many streaming giants, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. These movies and TV shows have successfully entertained the viewers with their fantastic plot. Do watch these TV shows and movies and let us know what do you think about them.

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