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365 Days 2: Latest Details Regarding Potential Sequel

365 Days Sequel is reportedly happening! This is the first thing that we wanted to share at the beginning itself. So when is it happening? Have we got any premiere date? What’s the plot, and what about the cast? Hey, there, hang on folks, as we are surely going to answer all of that just below.

All About 365 Days 2 You Must Know

365 Days is a Polish romantic film that is an answer to the American movie 50 Shades Of Grey. This one promises to be more romantic than the latter and will arouse the wildness inside you. The movie was released on the online streaming giant Netflix in June 2020.

365 Days
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The Plot Of 365 Days Movie

It revolves around a woman who enters into a relationship with an obsessed man who wants the woman to fall in love with him in 365 days. Yes hence, we got the title. The show has everything on a large scale, from the violence to the romance.

However, it faced harsh criticism from the critics for showing tremendous violence. But guess what, as we already told you above, that finally, a sequel is happening.

Production Details And Release Date Of 365 Days 2

The lead actor himself confirmed the news, and he told that the production for the same was to begin in August 2020, which got delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. And now it is not known when the team will start shooting. So the wait is extended, which can stretch up to 2021 undoubtedly.

The movie is an adaptation to a novel trilogy of the same name written by Blanka Lipinska. So it is expected that there will be the third part as well to complete the trilogy like that of the novel.

The Cast In 365 Days 2

The film stars some really amazing and talented actors. Although no information has been revealed regarding the changes in the cast members, we expect the following actors would make a come back. These include;

  • Michele Morrone,
  • Anna Maria Sieklucka,
  • Otar Saralidze,
  • Gianni Parisi,
  • Blanka Linpinska, and other artists as well.
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