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Ben Affleck’s The Flash Casting Rumours Just A Publicity Stunt

When Bef Affleck first donned the iconic knight dress, there was a great air of uncertainty whether he will ever succeed. Many (or rather, most) said that it would be a colossal failure. As history later informed us, it was anything but a failure. Not only did he do the role perfectly, but also he looked like the only person who could have ever done it.

If that was not enough, Ben also went into the skin of the role when he was portrayed as Bruce Wayne.

Ben was battling personal issues.

The world thought that they had found the ultimate Batman. But then, things faltered (as they so often do). Ben was battling personal issues – his old standing nemesis – drinking problem was the cause of his downfall again. To further compound the problem, he dealt with a bad marriage (and eventually a divorce). These all things culminated in perturbing the Batman a lot, and he called it a day.

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Actor making a comeback

Recently, Ray Fisher was speaking his mind about Ben playing the role of the Dark Knight is none other than The Flash. There had been talks for months about the actor making a comeback as Batman. Most people were expecting that the grand comeback will be publicly announced at the DC FanDome. As we now know, the news was made public many days ahead of that.

Ray is not claiming that Warner Bros. has deliberately announced it earlier to divert the attention away from the issues it is battling against higher-ups.

Disney managed to act on parallel lines.

The breaking of such a huge story on just another Thursday (it is to be noted that there were just two days before FanDome will kick off) did seem somewhat odd. Also, there was a consensus in everyone that Disney managed to act on parallel lines when they confirmed the airing date for the second season of The Mandalorian at the moment when John Boyega was severely castigating the studio’s dubious approach towards allowing diversity.

The public mood is clearly endorsing Ray this time, and one thing is for sure: The actor certainly is not going to let this all go without voicing his thoughts.

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