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Pen15 Season 2 Review: Here’s What Fans Should Know About The New Season

The hilarious teen drama Pen 15 returned with a brand new second season exclusively on Hulu and the second season seemed to dive deeper into issues that center around the two young girls and let’s just say we all absolutely love the show!

Pen15 Season 2: The Girls Are Back With A Brand New Season! Here’s What We Know.

Hulu has released a fun-filled official trailer for season 2 and the new season is all set to air on Hulu on 18th September! The girls are ready for sole more high school drama this time! Moreover, the second season will have fourteen episodes in total which means four episodes more than the last one.

Pen15 Season 2: Anna And Maya Are Prepping Hard For Seventh Grade. Have A Look!

As the two girls are going to experience the seventh grade, things are going to take an unexpected turn with a lot happening around. Fans can expect this new season to get a bit darker than the last one. Anna will be going through a lot this since her parents are getting a divorce. Here’s the hilarious official trailer of the second season that is airing today!

Maya, on the other hand, has a secret that she has been hiding from her friend Anna so expect that will lead to a bit of confusion. Moreover, we will see more of Gabe who is also struggling with his sexuality as well. So, while these people navigate their life through these awkward stages, we need to witness it all!

Pen 15 Season 2: The Brand New Season Is Landing On Hulu On 18th September.

Moreover, the whole fun-filled second season will finally unveil today itself on Hulu and fans just cannot miss out on this adventure with the girls and everyone around them. So, don’t forget to watch the girl as they return to experience their awkward teenage years once again! There sure has been some new development as assured by the trailer well!

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