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Supergirl 6: When It Will Arrive After Such Delay?

Supergirl is a DC comic book character who has got her web series. She is the cousin of the most powerful superhero ever, Superman.

The Plot Of Supergirl 

Her story is set on Earth, who comes back as the last Kryptonian survivor and becomes the new Supergirl as the protector of her city. However, as time passes by, she has to look out for and knockdown an innumerable number of enemies and save the world just like her brother.

The Renewal Status Of Supergirl Season 6

The show is down with five seasons, which was then picked by the online streaming giant Netflix. And guess what, the show has been already renewed for a sixth season whose production was to begin by fall 2020, which is currently not happening.

This is because of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic that has taken a toll on the entire world leading to a complete lockdown including suspension of production activities.

Supergirl Season 6
Source: The CW

Major Reason behind the Delay Of Supergirl 6

So, this is the major reason that is serving for the delay for all the web series and films to come by. However, the lead protagonist of the show our Supergirl, aka Melissa Benoist, is all in her motherhood phase who is set to welcome her child. And during this time, she needs to take additional care and precaution as safety is of prime importance.

Expected Release Date Of Supergirl Part 6

So the delay is further pushed as a result of the same. This makes the completion of filming for the sixth season by 2021 aa we do. Not know what the situation will be by the late future. So, folks, we have to keep ourselves patient as the show is not turning up anytime soon in the future. This is not the first show facing delays, and we are very well aware of the fact. So till then, keep watching the earlier seasons and enjoy.

The Cast In Supergirl 6

The show also stars;

  • Mehcad Brooks,
  • Chyler Leigh,
  • Katie McGrath,
  • Jesse Rath, and others as well.

However, the details related to the updated cast would be released later by the makers of this show. Till then, keep reading our articles.

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